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Feedback about our children's theatre!

Becca Barton

This is an incredible program that really helps kids come out of their shell and learn what theatre is all about! I'm so lucky that I was able to participate when I was in school!

Rachel Thomas Brawley

Both of my children have participated in this program throughout the years and it has always been a great experience. It really helped with their confidence levels, as well as helping them to explore their interests in the Arts. Wholesome, fun, and educational environment, highly recommend.

Francesca Martin

Children for the Arts is such a fulfilling experience for all participants. I love watching the kids surprise themselves as they go outside of their comfort zones and find success. This theatre is such a safe space for kids to try new things and make new friends.

Mishka Rajnochova-Lambcke

Great experience for the children to get exposed to artistry, acting and making new friends and mainly having fun!!! Fantastic director and people to be around. My girls enjoyed their very first-time participation and are looking forward to the next play.

Wendy Johnson Sharon

The staff and children in this program are amazing, It is well organized, professional and at the same time a loving environment. My son thrived in his first production, highly recommend.

Jamie Clarke

This is a fantastic program and my children LOVE IT!

Chloee Collins

Children for the arts is such a special program for the growth of young students. It allows children to develop their skills on stage while also building self-confidence.

Lauren Krensel Mckyton

Tish gave my daughter the courage to act and sing in public! What a great experience! Boosted her confidence in such a wonderful direction

Michelle O'Neill

My son has loved being part of these productions! The staff is fun and passionate!

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