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Guaranteed role for all who audition.

Auditions for the production are held on the first day of rehearsal.

Registration Form

Make sure you have completed the registration form before arriving at auditions.

Audition Day Schedule

  • Auditions begin with those who have prepared a 30-second acapella song
  • Line Readings from the script will come afterward
  • We then will call some children back onstage to either sing or read more lines.
  • Production will be cast on the same day


You may audition for as many roles as you want

We encourage your children to audition multiple times. 

REMEMBER: We like to see positivity and passion

Fun Games!

While we cast the production, we will hold some fun improv games for the children. This is also a great opportunity for your children to show some creativity!


Please remember that all roles are greatly important to this production. We value each and every child equally and have chosen their role with careful consideration in the casting process. The objective of this production is to not only put on an extraordinary

performance, but to make friends and have fun.

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